Warden Park gets Gold Fever – students, staff and parents.

On Thursday 29th March, Gold Fever visited Warden Park to deliver motivational sessions to students in 9, 10 and 11, with the theme “If you believe, then you can achieve.” The running order for the day is here.

The sesssions in this instance were led by Martin Cross who also addressed the whole of year 11 to inspire them to achieve their potential in the summer exams and delivered a session to their parents in the evening.

The Staff were also involved in a training session after school and parents had an evening workshop too – eveyone was getting ‘the fever’!

Chrissy Hamilton, Assistant Head Teacher commented, ‘The day was a great success and students were inspired to go the extra mile. One student commented “I’m going to go home and write a revision timetable now.”!’

Martin also met with the under 13’s football team to give them a pep talk before their upcoming national final – all in all it was a very comprehensive visit and we believe it will have a lasting impact – can’t wait to get back next time.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Ian Rowe was at Bedford School working with a small group of students on ‘Belief’ and ‘Being in control’ – part of a series of workshops aimed at unlocking higher performance from the group in all aspects of their school lives – academic and sporting.

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